How to Clean Brushed Aluminum Laptop?

Aluminum laptops are lightweight and look cool but are prone to getting dirty. We also must remember how quickly an aluminum chassis gets scratched.

So, we must find the perfect way to clean a brushed aluminum laptop. The two main ways of cleaning brushed aluminum; traditional and deep cleaning. 

This blog will cover both ways and provide all the information we have about cleaning an aluminum laptop. 

Let’s start.

Why Brushed Aluminum Laptops Require Cleaning?

Brushed Aluminum laptops frequently get dirty. So, it is essential to clean them. Here are three reasons why Brushed Aluminum Laptops require frequent cleaning: 

Aluminum Shine

Brushed Aluminum laptops are shiny, but that shine gets worn off very soon. When this happens, you can start seeing scratches and the whole laptop looks ugly. Therefore, you should clean your computer regularly if you want it to look great. 

Dirt and Germs

A laptop is a very personal device. We use them with our hands daily. There are also times when we spill food and drinks on it. It may not be a surprise that laptops are a breeding spot for germs and bacteria. 

This is why frequent cleaning is necessary.  Not only does it remove germs, but it also removes any dirt on the keyboard or at the hinges. You will also feel good about yourself when you have a clean laptop. 

Heating Issues

You must protect your brushed aluminum laptop from heat if you want a good experience using them. 

Aluminum laptops are cooler than metal ones, but this doesn’t mean they will always stay calm. You must clean your laptops regularly to clear out any dust in the vents and ports. 

2 Methods of Cleaning Brushed Aluminum Laptops

While cleaning a brushed aluminum laptop, there are certain things to consider. Generally, people use two main ways to clean a brushed aluminum laptop: 

Method 1 of 2: Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning consists of cleaning the laptops at a surface level, including removing dust and stains and making the laptop bacteria-free.

When you regularly clean a laptop, you won’t clear out any hidden dirt or clean out the fans. Instead, you will clean out any dust that’s easy to eliminate. 

What Kind of Dirt Will Be Treated in Regular Cleaning?

In regular cleaning, you will be treating the following kinds of dirt:

  • Dust accumulated on the laptop chassis, screen, and keyboard. 
  • Any removable stain marks and smudges. 

Items and Tools You’ll Need 

  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Screen cleaning compound and brush
  • Metal/Plastic cleaning compound

Step 1 – Get a microfiber cloth and clean the laptop properly. After that, soak it in a little cleaning compound (such as Kleenex) and then use it to remove stains and dust. 

Step 2 – Now, take a brush and clean the keyboard thoroughly. Also, use the brush to clean the trackpad. You can also use a brush to clean out the vents and ports. 

Step 3 – Time to work on that screen now. You can either use a microfiber cloth or a screen cleaning brush (you can get this with a screen cleaning kit). Make sure you don’t press too hard on the screen; gently clean it, and you are good to go. 

Step 4 – Finally, clean any leftover dust, and don’t forget to use brushes and cleaning compounds. Don’t make the mistake of using water.

Safety Tips and Precautions

  • As we mentioned, never use water to clean laptops. Water may get inside the system and cause damage.
  • Always use a clean cloth to clean your laptop’s body and screen.
  • Don’t press too hard while cleaning your laptop screen. 

Method 2 of 2: Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning refers to the act of cleaning something thoroughly. A thorough cleaning of a laptop might involve de-assembling it and cleaning everything present in it. 

We don’t recommend you de-assemble your laptop just to clean it, But if you think you can handle it, be our guest! 

Deep cleaning also involves using compressed air to clean the laptop. 

What Kind of Dirt Will Be Treated in Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning an aluminum brushed laptop will treat the following things:

  • Dirt that’s hard to get out
  • Any type of stain
  • Scratches and Smudges

Items and Tools You’ll Need – Link to relevant products on

  • An air compressor to blow air
  • Q–Tips
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Cleaning Compound

Step 1: Use a can of compressed air to eliminate dust on the vents, ports, and keyboards. You can use q-tips to clean between the keys. Optionally, you can use rubbing alcohol for this.

Step 2: Wipe down the screen gently with a microfiber cloth. You can use a cleaning compound if you want.

Step 3: Tap a damp cloth to widen the keys and mouse pads. You can now close the lid and then wipe it down. 

Step 4 – The underside of the laptop gets extremely dirty. So, flip the laptop over and start cleaning. You can use the air compressor to clean the bottom fan, and if you can, take the bottom cover off and blow the air to clean out any dust or debris. 

Safety Tips and Precautions

  • Do not take the bottom cover, keyboard, or screen out if you don’t have prior experience and knowledge of laptop hardware. You could void your warranty and damage your laptop. 
  • Always use a controlled air compressor. Don’t use a hair blower or other compressor with extreme air pressure. 

How Often Do You Need to Clean Brushed Aluminum Laptop?

You don’t need to clean your brushed aluminum laptop that often. Just clean it when it gets filthy.

However, how soon it gets dirty is an entirely different matter altogether. If you live in a dusty room, you can get it dirty soon.

In addition, we don’t recommend you eat in front of your laptop as you can spill your drinks and food. Drink stains are tough to remove. 

We recommend you regularly clean your laptop every two weeks and perform a deep clean every three months or so (just to be on the safe side). 

Tips to Prevent Dirt in Laptops

  • Keep your laptop in a dust-free room. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean your room regularly to avoid any room dust. 
  • As we mentioned earlier, don’t eat or drink in front of your laptop. Be careful when drinking coffee, as coffee stains are tough to remove. 
  • Regularly clean your laptop to prevent the accumulation of dirt. We also recommend you wash your laptop bag and charger now and then. 
  • Another great way to keep your laptop dirt free is to keep the fans moving. If you have a notebook, chances are the fans aren’t rotating that fast, and this may cause dust accumulation. So, turn on the fans to their maximum speed every so often to clear out dirt and dust. 


How do I clean brushed aluminum?

Answer: Just like how you can clean any other metal. But make sure you don’t use any abrasive cleaners. Window cleaners or kitchen utensil cleaners work fine, though. 

How do you restore brushed aluminum finish?

You can use metal polish to restore the brushed aluminum finish, but we don’t recommend this in the case of a laptop because you might mistakenly polish the ports, which can cause issues. 

Does Vinegar clean aluminum?

Yes, Vinegar is a very effective compound for cleaning aluminum. Simply mix one part of white vinegar with water to make an acidic solution, which you can use in different ways. You could even use the compound as a scrub liquid. 

Can I use Windex to clean aluminum?

Yes, you can clean aluminum with a Windex, as the company claims to work well with furniture, steel, and aluminum.

Final Words

Brushed aluminum laptops can be hard to clean as they are prone to smudges and scratches. Thankfully, the methods mentioned above should rid you of smudges and dust, if not scratches.

Sometimes brushed aluminum laptops also lose their shine, but you can use a metal coating to fix that.  We hope you’ve gained valuable insights from this post and can use it to clean your brushed aluminum laptop the next time it looks like it needs some cleaning.