Hori Fighting Edge Fight Stick Review [Updated 2022]

The original HORI fighting edge for the Xbox 360 and PS3 was a good fight stick but it was a bit flawed. This older version had a touch screen on the side which was unnecessary and contributed nothing.

It just made the fight stick more expensive and it was very prone to failure. The glossy panel was also very bad.

But the underlying technology was great. And it is a good thing that HORI listened to the feedback of the users and the new Fighting Edge is quite perfect for a lot of things.

The newer HORI fighting edge not only has a significant improvement but also competes with the best fight stick on the market. This even includes the Qanba Obsidian.

Unboxing and Setting Up the Fight stick

The Fighting Edge comes in a nice package. The box itself is quite premium. You get it with nice packaging when you order it from Amazon.

Inside the box, you get the fight stick itself and along with it, there is a simple instruction manual. The fight stick itself is quite big.

We were pretty surprised at how big this thing was. This stick has a pretty decent size and it comes with great quality as well.

Setting up the stick is quite easy. You just need to plug this in and it will start in no time. The fighting edge also works for PC as well. The instructions are there in the manual.

Design of the Fight stick

The first thing you will notice about the Hori Fighting Edge is its size. It is one of the biggest-sized fight sticks out there.

When you put it on the lap, you get used to it very fast and it feels like using any other kind of stick.

This fight stick is wide enough. So, the distance between the sticks and the buttons is wide enough. They are noticeably large. This is not that much of a deal-breaker though. The wrists can be set easily on the sides and overall this is a very comfortable stick to hold and use.

The fighting edge also has a brushed aluminum panel across the top of the stick. While this panel doesn’t really attract any kind of fingerprint, it does get dirty a bit. It is also super easy to wipe off.

The overall design of the fight stick is also comparable to the Qanba Obsidian. There is no artwork here too. There is a plain metal panel though. It makes the fighting edge look more like a premium fight stick. The stick also has a great shape. It is slanted a bit and that makes it seem unique.

The sides of the stick are indented and it makes carrying the stick a little easy too. You have an anti-slip material present on the bottom so, the stick won’t be falling off your lap or the table.


While the Hori Fighting edge doesn’t have an easy way to open the trunk like the Razer Panthera or the Nacon Daija, it can still be customized without an issue.

You just need to unscrew six screws present at the bottom of the stick to get inside this thing. Doing this is in no way difficult. But six screws are a few too many, would have been perfect if there were only 4 screws present.

When you are inside the fight stick, you can now exchange the buttons as well as the joystick lever.

The fighting Edge has its own Hayabusa buttons and the joystick lever is standard as well. The buttons can be swapped for the Sanwa buttons and you can also exchange them with Sanwa JLF Lever.

The Hayabusa buttons here are of good quality so, most people wouldn’t want to exchange the buttons anyway. There are many tutorials online that you can view to do this without any issue.

Adding a new artwork is also pretty easy. You do need a Plexi plate that you need to put over the metal plate for doing this though.

The Plexi plate doesn’t come with the fight stick though, you need to buy it separately. A lot of people won’t feel like exchanging the artwork though as the brushed aluminum design on the Hori Fighting Edge is pretty great as it is.


Just like Hori’s RAP4, the fighting edge also has Hori’s signature Hayabusa parts. Both the buttons and joysticks follow this design and they are superb.

The buttons are pretty responsive and they also have a satisfying click. The audible click sound is great too. These clicks can get a bit loud for some people. But this is just a small issue that’s there.

Sanwa buttons would have been the perfect icing on the cake but the Hayabusa buttons here work too. The inputs are fast as well as responsive but the joystick is not that great. It is not really noticeable as well.

Well, it can annoy a few veterans but you wouldn’t notice it if you haven’t played with a Sanwa Lever. We do recommend exchanging the joystick in the future though!

But these minor things don’t really matter once you get used to them. While playing games like DBZ and Tekken 7, we did not notice any lag whatsoever. The experience was pretty smooth.

Combos could be done in no time and the overall feel of the controller was nice as well. Overall, this is a really nice fight stick in a real-world scenario.

The functional buttons here are placed on the side of the stick which is a very good thing.  The side houses L3, R3, and Share buttons. You get the PS and OPTIONS button on the front of the stick.

We liked how well the OPTIONS button is placed here. It has a cool vibe. The button is placed at a fair distance from all the main buttons and the players won’t really hit the OPTIONS button while playing the game. You also have a tournament mode switch to prevent any mistake button presses.

To conclude, the overall performance of the fight stick is impressive to say the least. It has a wonderful design and a solid use-case

What We Liked in Hori Fighting Edge Fight Stick

  • The fight stick has a gamer-friendly aesthetic
  • Brushed Aluminum provides a premium feel
  • The overall build quality of the fight stick is pretty good
  • The Hayabusa buttons present on the fight stick are responsive
  • There is a hidden storage compartment that can house long cables
  • A headphone jack is present on the fight stick
  • Tournament ready

What Could Have Been Improved

  • The lever in the Hayabusa joystick kind of feels a little loosely connected.
  • Buttons can get slightly louder for most people
  • The cable compartment door is a bit flimsy here

Our Verdict

HORI is one of the premier players in the fight stick market. The company has been providing the consumers with some of the best fight sticks out there and the Fighting Edge is one of those fight sticks.

There are many things about this fight stick that impresses us. First of all, it has an outstanding design. Secondly, the Hayabusa buttons are top quality. And finally, the real-world performance in some of the most demanding games is excellent. 

All of these features make Hori fighting edge one of the best fight sticks out there.

So, if you are in the market for an excellent fight stick that will get the job done, we recommend the HORI fighting edge.