What is VID Voltage? [eXPLAINED]

What is VID Voltage? [eXPLAINED]

In computer hardware, the term VID Voltage, or Voltage Identification Data, refers to a specific voltage that is applied to a CPU. CPU uses the VID Voltage to determine the correct operating frequency and voltage for a CPU which is … Read more

What is CPUTIN

What is CPUTIN? [Answered in Detail]

A motherboard has different kinds of sensors. So,  many hardware enthusiasts get confused when they encounter terms like CPUTIN. SYSTIN, AUXTIN, etc. These terms all are related to the temperature index of a CPU, but their exact meanings are different.  … Read more

Does Hyperthreading help gaming? [Find Out Here]

Does Hyperthreading help gaming? [Find Out Here]

Hyperthreading is a technology that allows a single processor to appear as two virtual processors to the operating system, potentially improving the performance of certain types of applications.  In this blog, we will explore the question of whether hyperthreading can … Read more

Do GPU Fans Blow in or Out? [Explained]

Do GPU Fans Blow in or Out? [Explained]

GPU fans, also known as graphics card fans, are a crucial component of a computer’s cooling system. They help to dissipate heat away from the graphics processing unit (GPU) and keep it running at a safe temperature.  The direction in … Read more

How to Clean Brushed Aluminum Laptop

How to Clean Brushed Aluminum Laptop?

Aluminum laptops are lightweight and look cool but are prone to getting dirty. We also must remember how quickly an aluminum chassis gets scratched. So, we must find the perfect way to clean a brushed aluminum laptop. The two main … Read more

Can You Use CPU Thermal Paste On GPU?

Can You Use CPU Thermal Paste on GPU?

Computers have moving components that run on electricity. We know that electricity produces heat. As a result,  internal components in a computer tend to get hot.  Thankfully, we have mechanisms to control CPU temperatures, such as fans, cooling systems, and … Read more

Do SSDs Get Hot

Do SSDs Get Hot? [Explained]

As the demand for secure and reliable data storage devices increase, Solid State Drives (SSDs) have skyrocketed in popularity.  Today, people prefer SSDs over HDDs as SSDs are more efficient and quiet. Add to that the price drop in SSDs … Read more