Best Budget Fight Sticks in 2022

Not everyone wants to spend big money on Fight sticks. In fact, most people don’t get a fight stick at all. A very small minority of hardcore fighting game lovers buy this device and most of them are amateurs. So, they want a budget fight stick.

But what is the best Budget Fight stick? Well, this article is all about that. Today, we are going to cover some of the best fight sticks available at a really impressive price. So, without wasting any more time, let us just get into the article! 

Best Budget Fight sticks

Mayflash F300 

The Mayflash F300 is a pretty great entry-level fight stick. It has a lot of features that make it one of the best ones in the market. This fight stick is also very much suitable for beginners so, you don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed by it too.

Another great thing about this stick is that it is compatible with a lot of consoles. The compatibility list includes consoles such as Xbox 360/One, PS 4/Pro/5, PC, and even the Nintendo switch. 

This universal fight stick is also customizable and while it has some generic buttons, they can be upgraded to Sanwa buttons. This customization along with the great design that it comes with are some of the main selling points of this fight stick. 

In addition to the looks, the quality is pretty great here as well. It is very sturdy in terms of build quality. And since it is a universal stick, this device can be connected to almost any platform too. 

In terms of cons, the buttons are a bit mushy here and they may be too small for some people.  The wires in the stick are quite long and can be annoying to some people. But these are just some minor flaws with the stick. Aside from all of these minor inconveniences, the fight stick works quite properly. 

Mayflash F500 

If F300 didn’t feel like your cup of tea, the F500 might be a good option for you. This one is actually bigger and even better than the F30.

F500 has a better design and adds things such as metal plates to make the quality better. Plus it is very affordable and that’s what we want. don’t we? 

You also get a very useful headphone jack with this unit and it also supports customization. You are more than able to swap out the artwork, buttons, and joystick.

In addition, this device comes with a universal feature which means that compatibility is not an issue.

The value for money that the F500 provides is quite impressive. In addition to that, it has multiple features that make it totally worth it.

You get an octagonal plate with it and the joystick moves smoothly too. Button performance is decent but the buttons are Non-Sanwa. This means they feel a bit mushy. The setup is a tad bit awkward too here. 

HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai

HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 is a pretty great fight stick. This stick is built on a very solid base and it has quality parts too.

Technically, it might not be a budget stick but you can still pick this stick up for less than $100 dollars. If you are looking to get a quality fight stick but don’t have a huge amount of money to spend, this will be the one to get. 

The HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 also has high-quality parts. It has a solid premium design as well as a sturdy base. The base itself is very wide too. The buttons here are responsive and the assigned mode is pretty cool here. 

This one is a pretty cheap alternative to some of the better-built products though but hey, if you are price conscious, this gets the job done! The only visible gripe we have with it is with its customization.

The artwork is very difficult to change and the buttons themselves can get pretty loud too. Also, there are no headphone jacks here so, the overall experience can be a bit off if you are an audiophile. 

8 Bitdo Arcade Stick

The 8 Bitdo Arcade Stick has a pretty great 2.4 GHz connection which is actually pretty decent. You can connect it to any wired connection so, there are no issues there as well.

This fight stick is designed to appeal to the wide market and the overall build quality of it is nice as well. It has a great design so, if you want an aesthetically pleasing Arcade Stick, this one is the perfect choice for you.

As you might have guessed, this is a wireless stick so, the connection is something that needs to be top-notch and thankfully, that is exactly the case. This stick has very good quality. The weight is also pretty hefty here which means that the overall experience is second to none. 

The buttons can be modified quite easily too. These easy-to-mod buttons provide a pretty good experience overall. The joystick has a great feel to it and despite being wireless, the input lag is very minimum. You can also modify the buttons quite easily here. 

You get 40 hours of battery backup with this fight stick which is not bad for wireless hardware. The drawback comes in the buttons though. The stock buttons are way too mushy even for veteran players. And it is quite difficult to modify the joystick for beginners which makes it difficult to use this device. 

Qanba Drone 

Qanba already has two other budget fight sticks: The X1 and Carbon. The Qanba drone, however, beats them both. This is mainly because of the feature set that the Qanba Drone has. It serves its purpose greatly as a beginner stick.

The Drone can be modded easily too. If you use the right parts with it, this drone can handle even the big boys in terms of quality as well as performance. 

It is a small and compact fight stick which is a solid budget option. The buttons are quite responsive for the price and the design itself is eye-catching as well. The Drone can be modded easily with the Sanwa parts. 

The joystick here is very loose and the buttons can get a bit loud while playing though. These two drawbacks can be a deal-breaker for most but for the price this device is available, you can’t really complain much.

The buttons are non-Sanwa here but they can be replaced and customization is very easy here.  All of these features do in fact make it one of the best budget fight sticks out there though. 

Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4 

The Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4 is a very cheap fight stick. It is an ultra-cheap portable fight stick with a lot of features. The Fighting Stick mini 4 provides 8-button arcade support and it can also fit in your bookbag properly. The coolest thing is that the Hori has different editions of this stick which includes a Nintendo Switch Street Fighter version that is quite great to play. 

This fighting stick is very small and compact. It is one of the cheapest sticks available out there and the Nintendo Switch version has a very great design as well. The 8-button layout here is superbly done. Even the normal version of this fighting stick looks aesthetically pleasing. 

In addition, this is one of the budget offerings from Hori so, it is quite great overall. While the individual parts are pretty cheap, they do get the job done so, all of these features make up for a really impressive overall machine. 

Doyo Arcade Fight Stick

The Doyo Arcade fight stick is one of the best budget fight sticks to buy if you get it in one piece. With so many shipping-related issues that the manufacturer faces, it is so crucial to get this stick in its right condition. 

But when you get it in the right condition, the joystick is very responsive. While the buttons can feel a bit mushy, the overall aesthetics, as well as the stability of the arcade stick, is second to none. The suction cups here are also pretty great. 

The design is also very unique here and the design is actually an acquired taste. Some people do really seem to like it. Straight out of the box, the stick feels a bit cheap but you can definitely apply mods to it to make it better. The shape of the fight stick is also attractive and even after you customize it, you won’t really make it bad looking at least. It’s a solid design. 

You can also take advantage of the innovative shape that it comes in and the suction cups here. The buttons can also be mapped quite easily. For the price, this product works nicely. While we won’t tell you to expect a top-of-the-line super impressive product, we will say that it does get the job done so, you won’t really have to face any problems while using it.

All of these key features include a unique shape and an ergonomic way to use it making this Arcade stick one of the best ones on the market right now.

GameSir C2 Arcade Fighting

The GameSir C2 has Sanwa parts and this makes it a pretty sweet deal. It is one of the best budget fight stick out there because of the Sanwa parts. The joystick here is 8 directional and it allows you to perform any motion that you choose. The sturdy buttons also allow you to pick your attacks in a careful manner.

The wrist space here is of maximum comfort. The space is quite consistent here as well. There is a menu lock system to ensure that the Sanwa parts are not ruined. You also don’t have to worry about pressing the options button as the button placement on the controller is very good. 

This is a very high-quality product too. The entire unit is quite sturdy as well as pretty robust. The weight is nice as well. It might be too heavy for some people though.  The top panel has plenty of space and the unit is overall big too. This does attribute to the fight stick having some weight but that should not really be a problem.

Some people like the weight while others think that it hampers the portability of the fight stick. So, it ultimately boils down to personal preference. The C2 Arcade also stands out from the first look. The colors are superb here.

It has a mixture of Blue and Green accents which is nice. Furthermore, there are interesting patterns and graphics that give this controller the nuance it needs when it comes to the graphics. There are black shades as well which provide a really elegant look. This makes the overall fight stick look impressive.

Mayflash F101

The Mayflash Arcade Fight stick F101 has a superb quality. It is one of the best budget fight sticks in terms of quality and overall design. But they are not really perfect. 

The main problem here is the performance. The non-sanwa buttons here are not that great and if you are serious about fighting games, you will definitely not use it in a tournament. 

It is a nice entry-level Sanwa button for beginners to get familiar with an Arcade stick. The turbo function in the fighting stick is also a nice feature to have. 

Customization is not an issue here. The fight stick is designed to be customized. Since it doesn’t have Sanwa parts, you can definitely switch the buttons and joysticks up on this unit. 

The build quality is not an issue. It is made with high-quality plastic. The metal panels are stable here which is also boosted by the rubber feet at the bottom. You can also update the internal firmware of the stick to make it better. 

In terms of design, the F101 is simple but effective. It has a black look which is not too flashy but also not bad. You can’t go wrong with black. And this design specially caters to minimalists who don’t want colors in their setup. You can also upgrade or exchange the art that is present in the external part of the Mayflash F101. 


The clicking sounds that come from a Joystick are quite good for feedback. The PXN-0082 has such a type of joystick that feels and sounds great. 

The joystick here is stable, thanks to the suction cups that are here. These cups are too strong though but they do provide some much-needed stability. There are some sacrifices made to the portability though. 

In the case of latency, there is none. We don’t recommend you use this stick for non-fighting games though. Also, note that the PXN-0082 is not responsive enough for sidescrollers. 

The build quality itself of the controller is quite fine but there is a major caveat here. You need to pair the fighting stick with a DS5 controller and then use it on your PS5. This minor inconvenience might be an issue for many as you’d need to turn the controller and the arcade stick on at the same time and then pair them up. This takes too much of your time. 

The PXN does have some interesting designs though. This arcade stick has the inclusion of wrist space to limit the weight. It would have been better if the color of the controller was all black. 

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Budget Fight Stick

Even in the budget segment, there are many fight sticks out there and they each have their own sets of feature sets. While a budget fight stick might not have that many features, it still has some key things in it that you need to keep in mind. Here are some of the things to consider before you get a budget fight stick:

Build Quality

Normally people assume that “budget” means cheap. This is not the case at all. Budget means value for money. So, at a less price, you get more value.

Build Quality is one thing that most budget products really don’t have. But you can still find devices with the impressive overall build quality. There are many affordable fight sticks with the great build quality. The ones in this list are some good examples. 

Buttons and Joysticks

The heart and soul of fight sticks are buttons and joysticks. Sanwa parts are great but other types of buttons are inexpensive.

So, for the most affordable fight sticks you will get generic buttons. Don’t worry though, you can replace it later. Do try to get a fight stick with proper buttons though. 

Customization and Compatibility

Not all Fight sticks are Universal. A universal fight stick basically works with any kind of console and PC. So, try to get a Universal fight stick.

If you can’t then you can move on to get a console-specific one. Do remember that there arent many fight sticks compatible with consoles like the Nintendo switch. In the Xbox and PlayStation world though, you can find some fight sticks that are quite great overall. 

Moving on to customization, a lot of people want to get a fight stick that they can customize. This makes sense as people would want to insert newer buttons, joysticks, and other units into their fight sticks.

You can definitely get a fight stick with an array of customization options as this feature is an important thing to consider.


Obviously, price is the most important thing to consider while getting a budget fight stick. We recommend a fight stick that is available at the right price that covers your needs.

Instead of trying to find the cheapest one or the most expensive one (that fits your budget), get the one with the proper value for money and the one that perfectly covers all your needs. 

So, What is the Best budget fight stick?

The Best budget fight stick is the Mayflash 500. We recommend this one to our readers because this fight stick is the perfect balance of price, performance, and usability. It is also designed properly with the correct color palette and gamer-friendly aesthetic.

The performance is nice as well. This budget fight stick can handle all kinds of games and we recommend it if you are a huge fan of fighting games. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need a fight stick if we have a controller?

Controllers are more than okay if you want to play fighting as well as arcade games for fun. The only reason to get a fight stick is if you want to make a career out of playing fighting games. Fight sticks will offer more precision.

They have well-placed buttons and they are overall great. They are more comfortable as well. And in most cases, fight sticks are universal and they allow you to game across a variety of platforms. 

Are Qanba Sticks Good?

Yes, Qanba is a really great manufacturer. They offer nice mid-range options and they are durable too. In terms of design, Qanba sticks are gamer-friendly. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, Qanba sticks have something for everyone. So, do get these sticks if you want. 

What is the general price of Fight sticks?

It largely depends on the brand and the features you want but generally, a fight stick will cost around $50 dollars to $200 dollars. This is not that much money and for the price, you are going to get a really impressive fight stick that you can enjoy. You can also buy one for a cheap price and then change the button type down the line. 

Final Words

Fight sticks are great for fighting games. They provide a great experience for games like Mortal Kombat and Tekken.

If you want to make a career out of playing fighting games, you gotta start playing with a fight stick. There are many fight sticks to choose from.

But as a beginner, you would need something inexpensive to start off with. The fight sticks that we have mentioned in this article fall exactly under that category. You can definitely use these sticks to play all kinds of fighting games without much issue.